Is Outdated Hardware Affecting Your Internet Connection?

June 30, 2020

If you’re experiencing “drops” in your internet connection or the speed seems to have slowed down, it may have nothing to do with your service from Alpine Communications. The culprit could instead be outdated hardware in your home, namely your wireless router, modem, or filters. For example, some older wireless routers and modems have a speed cap limiting the maximum internet speed possible.

All telephone, satellite, and fax lines need to be filtered. Modems should not be filtered. Filtering is necessary because Alpine’s DSL internet service runs on the same line as voice services, but is delivered at a different frequency. Therefore, everything but the modem needs to be filtered – including satellite receivers, fax machines, and phones in outbuildings or garages. The proper installation of filters allows both internet and voice services to run on the same line and prevent frequent disconnects or slower internet speeds.

Please contact the local experts at Alpine Communications at 563-245-4000 to verify that your equipment and devices are up-to-date.

split filter

Split filters allow for both telephone and modem to be on the same line.

wall filter

Wall filters fit over wall jacks.

inline filter

In-line filters are used on telephones, satellites, fax machines, etc.

filter installation

A proper filter installation looks like this. The filter is plugged directly into the wall jack and the phone cord is plugged into the filter.


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