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Privacy Settings Every Smart Home Assistant User Should Consider

May 5, 2023

Smart home assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and its Echo and Dot smart speakers, Apple’s Siri and its HomeKit, and Google Home Assistant and its Nest product line have become extremely popular in recent years. Also known as voice-controlled smart devices or digital assistants, it's getting harder and harder to find a home that doesn't have at least one smart home assistant device in it. As smart home technology continues to improve and better integrate into the home, more and more families are finding them indispensable. But some consumers are less-than-enthusiastic about the seemingly ever-present smart speaker just waiting to be woken by its trigger word—and they’re rightly concerned about their privacy. Fortunately, there are privacy settings you can implement and adjust for the most prominent smart home assistants and devices on the market today.

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Data Privacy Day

January 28 is National Data Privacy Day

January 25, 2021

Alpine Communications a Data Privacy Day Champion! Data Privacy Day is a global effort every January 28th that generates awareness about the importance of privacy, highlights easy ways to protect personal information and reminds organizations that privacy is good for business. 

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