Help is at Hand with a Personal Emergency Response System

March 12, 2019

Did you know one in every three Americans over the age of 65 will fall each year, and less than half of them will tell anyone that it happened?  Did you know one in five falls will cause a severe head injury or broken bone? And did you know a Personal Emergency Response System will provide you and your loved once peace of mind knowing help, in the event of a fall, is one call away?

Since 2010, Alpine Communications has served the area with a full-array of security services including Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS).  You may recognize the service by other names such as an emergency alert pendant, life/medical alert, lifeline, or the classic “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” system.  We believe when PERS is installed and utilized correctly, it protects people by connecting them to emergency services when a phone is not always nearby to use to call for help.

Alpine Communications takes the worry and confusion from the process of placing a PERS unit in your home. The first step is to contact Alpine Communications and we gather the information needed such as which neighbors and family members should be contacted if and when the button is pushed on the PERS device.

Pictured are Eric Kovak and Kelly Blockhus, Alpine’s certified security experts.

Next, Kelly Blockhus and Eric Kovak, Alpine’s certified security installation technicians, will install the PERS unit and train the customer along with a helper on how to use the service.  Finally, Alpine Communications receives daily reports from the central monitoring station to ensure the PERS unit is functioning properly.

Jean Maehl of Elkader chose Alpine Communications as her PERS provider last summer. She was thrilled with the personalized service from Kelly and Eric. “You can’t beat those guys. They are nice people,” noted Jean.  Jean’s friend, Dianne Finley, is on her contact list in the event of an emergency and was present when Alpine installed the PERS unit. Dianne described her experience, “they were very efficient, spoke very highly of Alpine, and certainly did a wonderful job explaining the equipment to Jean.”

Customers can have the option of wearing the pendant on their wrist like a watch or around their neck on a lanyard. Jean prefers the comfort of wearing the pendant on her wrist.

“I feel very secure and I wear it all of the time in the house,” said Mary Wildman of Elkader. She is grateful for the local customer service and expertise provided by Alpine since purchasing her PERS service in 2014. “I test the equipment once in a while and they are quick to answer when I press the button on my pendant. They are helpful people and Kelly is a nice guy.”  Mary is very independent and has peace of mind knowing help is nearby using her PERS service.  “I wouldn’t be without it and I can’t imagine any mature lady living alone not having one,” shared Mary.

No matter what your age or lifestyle, you can benefit from having a direct line to help with just the push of a button. The ability to stay connected to help in a crisis is simple and effective, but it saves lives.

Choose a PERS whether you’re looking for a way to keep your loved ones safe or if you’re just looking out for yourself. Give us the chance to assist you in finding the perfect device for you, and your peace of mind by connecting with Alpine Communications today.  Call 563-245-4000 or visit our office at 923 Humphrey Street, Elkader.

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