Small Business Owners Share Broadband Success Stories with Iowa Public Televisions

November 20, 2021

In 2021, Alpine Communications made great strides in expanding the 100% fiber-optic Fusion Network to hundreds of customers in rural Northeast Iowa. Building the additional miles of fiber-optics was partly due to grant funding from the Office of the Chief Information Officer who administers the Empower Rural Iowa Broadband Grant Program

In November, Iowa Public Television filmed Alpine customers who benefited from the fiber-optic broadband build-out this summer. Their stories were featured in a recent episode of “Iowa Press” below

Broadband Legislative Preview

We are super excited about having automation now and at our in-the-bush where we have pumps and vacuums and generators – that is because we have broadband now. And I can wake up in the morning, look and see everything’s fine, go back to sleep. I don’t have to go down here and check everything. With broadband connected to the TV, I can see everything (in-the-bush) without having to leave the house.

Dan and Dorinda Potter, Great River Maple

Dan and Dorinda Potter of Great River Maple Dan Potter, owner of Great River Maple, demonstrate how they produce organic maple syrup. They discussed how their business pivoted during the COVID-19 pandemic and that fiber-optic broadband has helped with their online business. Great River Maple has a commercial kitchen where they produce granola, cotton candy, infused syrups, maple sugar, maple cream, and more. They ship their products all over the world.
Joe and Suzanne Shirbroun are 6th generation farmers with their sons in rural Farmersburg, Iowa. They are also Pioneer seed corn dealers and passionate about agricultural education. Andre, the Shirbrouns’ son and 7th generation farmer, discusses how he uses broadband to download data about their equipment to keep their operation running efficiently. Joe demonstrates the equipment they use to treat soybeans for producers. He is able to use broadband to allow tech support to remote into his system if he encounters problems.
Chris Hopp, Alpine Communications general manager, demonstrated a fiber cable with individual fiber optic cables smaller than a strand of hair. Alpine broadband technicians show how we turn fiber optics into phone, internet, TV, and more. Chris shared the importance of broadband connectivity to our customers and how grants have helped Alpine build fiber-optics to more locations in 2021.
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