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Connecting Community Anchor Institutions: Why Local Matters

September 4, 2023

At Alpine Communications, we’re proud to be known around Elkader and surrounding areas as the best internet provider for residents and businesses. But did you know that we also support a third group with our high-speed fiber internet network? Today, we’re taking a moment to celebrate local community anchor institutions. Read on to learn more about this important group—and how, as a local company ourselves, Alpine Communications is committed to keeping them connected.

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Six Smart Exercise Devices and Equipment for At-Home Workouts

August 23, 2023

Eleven minutes a day. Recent research indicates that all you need of moderate-to-vigorous exercise to see marked improvements in your health! But given the busy lives most of us lead these days, even getting that amount of exercise can prove a challenge. Fortunately, modern technology makes it easier than ever to get an invigorating and stress-relieving workout from home. And with the rise of smart home technology, exercise at home is more rigorous and effective than ever.

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Fortnite: What Parents Need to Know

August 17, 2023

If you’re a parent and you haven’t been asked by your kids to download Fortnite yet, chances are you will very soon! Fortnite is one of the most popular online video games of all time, and gamers of all ages can’t seem to get enough of it. Its rich replayability, genial graphics, and brilliant blend of savvy strategy and intense action have captivated many millions of people around the world—including very likely, your own children.

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Fiber Is for the Future: 3 Tech Trends that Will Demand More Bandwidth

July 16, 2023

In a span of just a few decades, our world has witnessed a technological revolution that has transformed the way we live, work, and communicate. From the advent of personal computers and the internet to the rise of smartphones and cloud computing, technology has developed rapidly in our lifetime. But with each innovation comes a need for more internet bandwidth that can handle the increase in data usage. That’s why the dial-up connection that powered your home just fine in the 90’s simply can’t cut it now that your house is full of smart TVs, smart home assistants, smartphones, tablets, and computers. Today’s digital ecosystem demands far more bandwidth than ever before. Traditional copper-based networks, which weren’t originally designed to deliver internet, are already struggling to keep up with the surging traffic. That’s why Alpine Communications is proud to offer fiber internet, the only technology built for internet and with plenty of room to continue scaling up bandwidth for homes and businesses.

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New Broadband Property Reports Answer Questions for Homebuyers and Agents

July 13, 2023

When it comes to home features, there’s nearly one that just about every homebuyer agrees they want, and it’s not an in-ground pool, wood-burning fireplace, or even a fenced-in backyard. It’s fast, reliable internet—specifically, fiber. Unfortunately, not all homes have access to modern internet technology. That’s why fiber internet has been shown to increase a home’s value and listing price by an average of 3%! Whether you’re on the hunt for a new home or looking to get more for your listing, Broadband Property Reports can help. Read on to learn more about what a Broadband Property Report is, how to read it, and how it can help make all the difference in your next home sale or purchase!

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Why Fiber Internet Is More Reliable in All Weather

July 6, 2023

Most people know that fiber internet is the fastest available. Its fiber optic technology transfers data at near-light speed, making streaming movies in 4K or sharing bandwidth with your family a breeze. But did you know fiber is also more reliable than other kinds of internet as well, especially in severe weather? Legacy internet connections (think older systems like cable, DSL, satellite, and wireless that rely on outdated technologies) just cannot compete with fiber’s speeds or reliability. Because of their structural differences and even the way they’re deployed and installed, those older technologies are far more susceptible to outages due to inclement weather. At Alpine Communications, we’re proud to deliver the fastest, most reliable internet our community can get. Read on to better understand why fiber internet is heads-and-shoulders above other technologies for reliability, and why you can count on it in just about any weather condition.

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Five Tips for Managing Your Child’s Screen Time

June 20, 2023

It’s indisputable that the internet is a modern-day marvel of information, entertainment, economic empowerment, and global communication—for people of all ages! And at Alpine Communications, we’re proud that our advanced fiber network brings all of those benefits to our community and your family. That said, it’s not surprising that many parents lament the amount of time their kids spend in front of their screens. From texting with their friends, to online gaming, to watching TikTok videos or streaming their favorite TV show, the hours can really add up. And parents aren’t wrong to wish that more of that screen time instead be spent on homework, exercise, enjoying fresh air—or even just having more quality time with their families. Thankfully, there are some things parents can do to manage and even limit their child’s screen time. Below we share five of our favorite tips developed by experts to help parents create a healthier balance for their kids and their devices. Read on to learn more!

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The Summer Slowdown: Preparing Your Home Internet for Increased Demand

May 24, 2023

The summer television viewing season isn't what it used to be. Once known for endless reruns and launches of shows that studios deemed less likely to be successful, the world of streaming entertainment and the production houses it created are churning out phenomenal content you've just got to see. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to improve your internet connection and performance, even during the summer's high demand.

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Explaining Internet Speeds

May 21, 2023

Perhaps the most common question we hear from customers at Alpine Communications is: “what internet speed do I really need?” It’s actually an excellent question, and the answer can depend on a number of factors—from the number of people in the home and the number of devices regularly used at once to the types of online activities that matter most to you. (For example, gaming and videoconferencing will require more bandwidth than checking emails!) While Alpine Communications’ advanced fiber network is the most reliable internet you can get—and that reliability is consistent no matter what speed tier you choose—we offer different plans and tiers based on the speeds your household needs.

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What Is a Public Right of Way?

May 10, 2023

When fiber internet—the fastest, most reliable internet you can get—comes to a new neighborhood, you can almost feel the excitement in the air. After all, fiber’s extraordinary speeds and bandwidth capacity provide an outstanding internet experience for all of your streaming entertainment, video calling, gaming, and other online activities. But part of installing and maintaining our network includes the need to access property—your neighbor’s property and your own. In the law, there is a concept that allows internet service providers (as well as other utilities) access to private property, and even to make considerable impacts to it. It’s called a “public right of way”—and at Alpine Communication, accessing it is essential to our efforts to providing our community with quality high-speed internet.

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