Collecting Mittens and Warming Hearts for Ten Years

January 30, 2019

Ten years ago, an idea was brought to life by the employees at Alpine Communications.  They were inspired to begin collecting cold weather gear, which developed into the Alpine Mitten Tree Program.

Over the years, the program has become more and more popular, as caring customers and employees have donated new and hand-made hats, gloves, mittens, and scarves in an effort to warm the heads, hands, and hearts of families in our community.

“As a mom of three kids, I know how mittens and stocking hats can quickly disappear in the winter.  Families’ budgets can be stretched  thin this time of year, we wanted to coordinate a way to remove this burden and keep kids and adults cozy,” said Sara Hertrampf of Alpine Communications.  “We have been honored to help our neighbors in this small, but impactful way.”

In response to a plea from the Clayton County Food Shelf in 2015, Alpine and The Guttenberg Press also began accepting donations of non-perishable food and personal care items in addition to the Mitten Tree Program.

Each year, Alpine receives donations from customers who spend countless hours handcrafting beautiful hats, mittens, and scarves.  Businesses have also pitched in to help the cause, too.   Jane Thein, editor of The Guttenberg Press, partners with Alpine to serve as a collection site in Guttenberg.

Jane explained why serving as a collection site is so meaningful to her business.

“I actually do get excited when people come in with food or hats and mittens because they are giving from their hearts to those less fortunate. Times are tough out there for some folks, and I think it’s heartwarming for people to care, and share, what they have with others.”

Jane has even been inspired by community members who have gone above and beyond to help the Mitten Tree program.

“Every year, there is a lady from Guttenberg who crochets at least 30 stocking hats for this project! They are just adorable, and to think, she works on them all year round just to give away!”

Alpine Communications encourages you to find the ways in which you can help our communities thrive.  When the community takes care of each other and takes the opportunity to make meaningful connections, we all become stronger together and our future is brighter.

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