Elkader is a #SmartRuralCommunity Powered by Fiber Broadband

September 27, 2021

What does it mean to live, work and be part of a Smart Rural Community? For Elkader, it started with Alpine Communications investing millions of dollars in building the 100% fiber-optic Fusion Network in 2007.  In the past 14 years, Elkader has experienced how fiber broadband has given the community a competitive edge to attract new residents, businesses and improve the quality of life for those who live and work here. 

Recently, Alpine Communications presented two Smart Rural Community road signs to the Elkader City Council. The signs were installed at key entrances into town to showcase the ultra-fast internet network to residents and visitors. Chris Hopp, Alpine’s general manager, presented the signs to Mayor Josh Pope during a City Council meeting.

Although rural Iowa has experienced an overall population decline since the mid-20th century, fiber-optic broadband services have attracted new residents and Elkader business opportunities. The relationship between robust broadband availability and thriving rural communities was evident during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • People relocated to rural areas away from crowded urban areas because fiber broadband enables telework, thus increasing local wage and tax revenues.
  • Students shifted to online learning with ease because Alpine’s Fusion Internet delivers the speed needed for video learning, collaboration, and research.
  • Broadband-enabled telehealth visits ensured the safety and wellbeing of rural residents without the need to travel.

NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association’s Smart Rural Community (SRC) initiative is a conduit for amplifying the message of the power of broadband to keep small-town America connected. Alpine Communications is proud to be an SRC provider and continues to expand fiber-to-the-home in rural Clayton and Fayette counties. We invite you to contact us to learn more about how Alpine Communications is building a brighter future for rural Iowa.

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