Meet the Crew – Dalton Hall

December 21, 2020

Join us in welcoming Dalton Hall to Alpine Communications.  Dalton joined the customer service team in September after relocating his family of five from Kansas to Iowa.

Dalton is from Great Falls, Montana, where he grew up playing hockey and soccer. After attending Foothills Community Christian School, he played soccer at Barclay College in Haviland, Kansas for four years and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  Dalton met his wife, Cheyanne, at Montana Wilderness School of the Bible, and she is a native of rural Guttenberg. Before joining Alpine Communications, Dalton worked as a payroll specialist, financial aid specialist, and accounts payable.

Dalton and Cheyanne have three boys under the age of 6, and they enjoy camping, fishing, and nature as a family. In his spare time, Dalton also has a passion for car projects and playing video games. He is a coffee connoisseur, and his preferred drink is a flat white or cortado – a blend of espresso with steamed milk with no foam. His favorite coffee brand is DOMA Coffee Roasting Company sourced from Post Falls, Idaho.

The superpower of choice for Dalton would be teleportation. He explained, “I want to be able to go places without wasting travel time. I wouldn’t have to drive, fly, or ride the train anymore to get to where I want to be.”

When asked about his experience at Alpine Communications so far, Dalton shared, “It’s a great atmosphere with great people.”

“It’s a great atmosphere with great people.”

Dalton Hall
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