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Protecting Elders From Cybercrime

August 3, 2021

Believe it or not, our older generation is not the most victimized age group by scammers. That title belongs to the younger generation ages 20-29, according to recent studies. Although reported fraud may have been less for the older generation, the overall monetary loss from scams is typically much higher. Help these individuals like they’ve helped you by sharing cybersecurity tips and scams to watch out for. Romance Scams – Many seniors turn to dating sites or apps to find...

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Combating Spoofed Robocalls with Caller ID Authentication

May 7, 2021

Alpine Communications recently implemented a new Caller ID Authentication solution to minimize the effects of robocalling and Caller ID spoofing for customers. Caller ID Authentication meets the standards of the 2019 Traced Act, which was set forth by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and requires voice providers to implement measures to reduce the effects of unlawful robocalling.  Caller ID Authentication technology also allows consumers and law enforcement alike to more readily identify the source of illegal robocalls and reduce their...

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​​Watch Out for Coronavirus Scams

March 24, 2020

​​​Criminals are opportunists. They will often capitalize on major news events to create scams to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is a perfect example. The fear evoked by the COVID-19 creates the perfect opportunity for criminals to prey upon individuals with phishing, social engineering scams and more. ​​Some of the potential scams to watch out for include:​ ​​Phishing: The fraudulent practice of sending emails disguised as coming from reputable companies in order to entice people to...

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10 Ways to Protect Yourself From Fraud, Scams, and Schemes

August 21, 2018

Like you, we understand how frustrating unwanted robocalls, technical support scams, spam emails, junk mail, and pop-up ads can be.  We experience the same challenges as consumers.  It is difficult to discern what is real and what is fake as scammers become more sophisticated with their tricks and schemes. How can Alpine Communications help you protect yourself from fraud and deception? We have some tips for you to protect yourself from common types of fraud. Don’t wire money, send a...

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