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August 26, 2019

Do you have a dream project waiting on hold for funding? Alpine Communications is here to invest in the future of our region, you just need to apply.

The Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) awards annual grants of $250 to $5,000 to communities served by NTCA members, including Alpine Communications. Whether used for telemedicine projects, smart agriculture equipment for farms, startup money for young entrepreneurs, job creation initiatives, or upgrading first responder services, these funds help rural Americans invest in their communities in meaningful ways.

View the 2019 FRS Community Grant Flyer Here

These grants support projects in the following categories:

  1. Business and Economic Development – Devise a plan to turn your community into a global phenomenon by growing small or existing businesses, developing new ones and implementing a
    job creation program that attracts key talent from your community or from skilled individuals interested in relocating to small town America.
  2. Community Development – Develop an outreach program that helps to promote advancing the technology skills of your community members, incorporates innovation into learning, raises the visibility of your community’s talent and artistry, and places your town on everyone’s bucket list as the place to visit.
  3. Education – Support advances in education by helping your schools get technology (computers, smart boards, etc.) in the classroom, build resources for curriculum development, strengthen extracurricular activities and programs, and promote distance learning programs.
  4. Telecommunications Applications – Show how you plan to turn your community into a technological powerhouse by promoting the implementation and use of broadband-enabled applications for telehealth, education, government services, safety and security, and efficient energy distribution and use.

Applications are due to Alpine Communications by September 6, 2019.  Contact Sara Hertrampf at 563-245-4475 for more information.

25th Anniversary: Celebrating FRS' Grant Program

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