It’s the Law to Call 811 Before You Dig

April 7, 2021

If you plan to begin any project that involves digging – such as building a patio, putting up a fence, or planting bushes and trees — remember to call 811 at least 48 hours before work begins.

Every digging job requires a call to 811 to have underground utility lines marked. In some cases, lines are buried close to the surface and could easily be damaged by even shallow digging. Calling 811 to request a utility locate will prevent service interruptions to your neighborhood, serious injuries, and costly repairs to underground lines. Caution – don’t allow digging if utility lines aren’t marked.

When you call, simply tell the operator where you’re planning to dig and what type of work you’ll be doing. The affected local utilities will send a locator to your property, free of charge. Then you’ll know what’s below and be able to dig safely.

Ditch Burning Will Damage Underground Cables, Too!

If you plan on burning your road ditch, look for pedestals and hand holes that contain communications cables. The heat from the fire will damage the metal pedestals and plastic or fiberglass closures. Ditch fires will also damage underground cables, resulting in service outages for customers and expensive repair costs for the person responsible for starting the fire. If you are burning, make sure you keep the flames at least 10 feet away from our hand holes or pedestals.

As one of your local service providers, Alpine Communications thanks you in advance for your cooperation!

Fiber-optic pedestals and fiber markers indicate the location of internet, digital TV, and phone cables and equipment. Please watch for them on your property and take care to avoid them if you are burning ditches or mowing.
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