Connecting People in the Community this Summer

June 12, 2018

Don’t miss a minute of the local fun in Northeast Iowa this summer.

Alpine believes that connected communities become thriving communities, and that is why we want to share with you the amazing events that will be happening in our community.

The vibrancy of Guttenberg was on full display this weekend at the second annual Art by the River Fine Arts Festival. Alpine Communication was excited to sponsor this talent once again, which gave an opportunity for the community and artists to connect and appreciate what goes into creating art.

Hosted by the Guttenberg Galley and Creativity Center, this free event highlighted the work of area artists, hands-on workshops, a variety of food vendors, and live music. Event goers got to experience yoga in the morning on the Mississippi riverfront, Budding artists were treated to youth art activities that engaged their inner Frederic Remington or Grant Wood.

At Alpine Communications, we see the need for human connectivity and championing that connectivity. This is why we support the events in the communities we serve, especially the events that enable people with common interests, talents, and causes to connect and share their voice with a broader audience. We hope you take the time this summer to attend the many local festivals, such as Art by the River, and make a new connection.

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