Faces of the Brand – Chad Ruegnitz

July 5, 2018

What is the recipe which makes up one of Alpine’s longest standing employees? Add a cup of MacGyver’s ingenuity, mix it with a pound of Duck Dynasty’s passion for the outdoors, and add a pinch of Andy Taylor’s wisdom – there you would have Chad Ruegnitz.

Seventeen years ago, Chad started at Alpine as a not-very experienced telephone technician with a get-it-done work ethic. Today, Chad leads a team of six outside plant technicians after working his way up the proverbial corporate ladder.

Chad is tenacious about getting the job done right, which is one of the many characteristics that his coworkers appreciate.  For example, when the flood of 2004 destroyed the fiber-optic ring providing long distance, internet, and emergency services to area customers, Chad was there immediately to ensure services were restored as soon as possible. Similarly, Chad and his team wasted no time running temporary telephone lines, removing debris, and helping the community after the tornado devastated McGregor in 2017.

It is during these challenging times that Chad uses his ingenuity, creative problem-solving skills, and experience to keep our communities and customers connected.

At an early age, Chad learned the value of a hard-day’s work by setting goals. Chad reminisced, “when I was 11, I spent my summers mowing lawns, the city park, and the cemetery in Garber. I also worked for farmers baling hay and doing chores morning and night.  I saved enough money to buy my first car when I was 15 for $5,000 cash.”  He recalled, “I probably worked thousands of hours to earn enough for my 1987 Thunderbird.”

Chad isn’t all work, all of the time.  He is an avid outdoorsman with a passion for coaching baseball, hunting, fishing, boating, and archery. Chad shares his love of nature with his son, Carson, and wife, Kelly – but don’t ask him to share his secret local fishing hole where he reeled in a 29” walleye – his biggest catch to-date!

In the Loop

Three words that always describe Chad: Thorough, patient, inventive

Three words that never describe Chad: Lazy, close-minded, hot-headed

What makes Chad laugh: the movie “Grumpy Old Men”

Quirkiest thing about Chad: he is fanatical about cleanliness and organization (especially his garage and truck)

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