How we build thriving communities with our project planning

July 16, 2018


Where can we have the biggest impact? How can we serve the most people? What can we do to minimize the impact of construction?

These are just a few of the things we ask ourselves – and our community — when planning for our construction projects. It’s a community-first mindset to the work we need to do.

We’re proud to do something that is very unique among communication providers: we heavily involve our community members and let them tell us where we need to build, as opposed to the other way around.

When beginning new construction projects, most providers make decisions themselves on where they will install, the timeframe and the location. The customer isn’t typically asked, questioned or consulted; they are simply updated with the provider’s decision and some details of how a new construction project will impact them.

Alpine does the opposite.

Let’s use our fiber to the home network, Fusion, as an example. We’re making a multi-million dollar investment to the areas we serve by bringing fiber optics to homes, businesses and organizations. Fiber technology gives our community members virtually unlimited bandwidth, blazing-fast internet speeds, exceptional TV picture quality, reliable connections and so much more. Fiber technology has also been known to increase home values and boost economic growth for the communities that have it.

This is a multi-year installation that couldn’t all be done at once.

We start our planning by looking at where we can have the biggest impact to our customers. Once we’ve identified the places where we can serve as many people with minimal disruption during construction, we prioritize those areas.

But we don’t stop there. Alpine, one of the only providers that I know that does this, invites customers to share their interest in new projects. For fiber technology, we encourage members of the community who are interested in this superior service to provide their name and address. This provides another checkpoint for us to not only make sure we are planning to install in high impact areas, but also prioritizing construction in locations with high amounts of customer interest.

This allows us to see where there is a high density of customers who will benefit from fiber, as well as individuals who have a deep desire to stay better connected.

Throughout every new project, initiative and service provided, Alpine is committed to building thriving communities through connection.

Do you have a suggestion for us? Visit or live chat with one of our representatives. To express your interest in Fusion, visit

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