Faces of the brand – Lanette Schutte

July 26, 2018

Lanette Schutte is known for a lot of talents at Alpine Communications – her generosity of time, talents towards customers and her team members, and her signature birthday treats!  She has a servant’s heart and dreams of opening a soup kitchen and community recreation center someday.

Surpassing the “average lifespan” of a  customer service representative (which is 3.3 years nationally) by more than a decade, Lanette appreciates working for a company she is proud of in her hometown.  She has a knack for listening to customers and helping them achieve their goals for connecting the way they want to.  “It’s rewarding when I’m talking to a customer and they are telling me what they need and I can say, ‘I can help you with this, I’ve got what you need.’”

From early on, Lanette developed a special gift for remembering the names of people she meets. Even if she’s met a customer only one time, she will greet them by name, which makes people feel important and valued. This enviable skill may be attributed to the fact that she was oftentimes called by her twin sister’s name throughout her life.

Lanette’s passion is making people happy, and she embraces opportunities to celebrate life by being the consummate hostess for her family’s gatherings.

As one of Alpine’s first customer service representatives in Elkader, Lanette has morphed into a reliable mentor for her peers at work while juggling her career with motherhood. Lanette and her husband, Brett, have two young children: Ayden and Holden. “Watching Brett play with the kids brings me joy and they know how to make me laugh!”

Lanette’s loyalty, longevity, and tenacity for helping others makes her an invaluable customer advocate at Alpine.

In the Loop

Three words that always describe Lanette: helpful, polite, quiet

Three words that never describe Lanette: harsh, impatient, late

Where Lanette sees herself in five years: at Alpine doing what she loves, helping customers

Quirkiest thing about Lanette: she is very organized and dislikes when things get put away incorrectly – particularly in her kitchen

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