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6 Things You Don’t Have To Do With A Landline

August 14, 2021

Having a corded landline phone at home provides you with many benefits including consistently clearer voice quality than a cell phone. However, did you ever stop to consider all of the little annoying things you don’t have to do with your landline phone? Here are our favorites: You don’t have to think about signal strength. You don’t have to remember to charge the battery. You don’t have to run around the house looking for it when it rings. You don’t...

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Don’t Let These Phone Failures Happen to You

May 21, 2021

There are times when being able to make a call goes beyond convenience to become a safety issue. If you rely solely on a cell phone and don’t have a landline in your home, you run the risk of experiencing phone failures like these: Emergency 911 dispatchers can’t locate you. Calls from cell phones are not part of the 911 database and can’t always be pinpointed by dispatchers. If a child doesn’t know the address or an adult is unable...

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Five Reasons to Keep a Landline

February 27, 2020

A landline telephone is the most reliable device on the market and offers these advantages: Provides security in an emergency by providing your exact location to 911 dispatchers. It gives you superior sound quality and clarity. Works even during an electrical outage. It provides unlimited local calling. Keeps your communications dollars here to help our local community thrive. Please remember that VoIP and wireless services can fail to perform as needed during power outages. Landline connections are still far superior...

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