Five Reasons to Keep a Landline

February 27, 2020

Father and daughter using a landline telephone

A landline telephone is a smart choice for voice services in your home.

A landline telephone is the most reliable device on the market and offers these advantages:

  1. Provides security in an emergency by providing your exact location to 911 dispatchers.
  2. It gives you superior sound quality and clarity.
  3. Works even during an electrical outage.
  4. It provides unlimited local calling.
  5. Keeps your communications dollars here to help our local community thrive.

Please remember that VoIP and wireless services can fail to perform as needed during power outages. Landline connections are still far superior for emergency needs, and we strongly encourage you to stay with or return to, landline phone service for safety and reliability. Best of all, you can enjoy all these valuable advantages for a very low monthly rate.

You can count on Alpine Communications to keep your home and business connected the way you want to. Contact us today!

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