WiFi Calling Eliminates Poor Cell Service In Your Home

February 25, 2019

Problem – you pay for cell phone service and it works in 90 percent of the places you go – except for your home.

Why is that, you ask? You live in a hole. Not an actual hole, but a cellular hole. Who would complain about living in a valley or along the hillside of the scenic hills and dales, bluffs and valleys of northeast Iowa? There is peace, tranquility, and beauty in our rural lifestyle. However, the terrain is not as favorable for cellular technology in many areas and that can be a challenge for folks who rely on a cell phone for their work. Additionally, the need for reliable connections is a primary reason why most rural residents in our area value home phone service.

Alpine Communications has a solution for customers who need to make or receive calls on their cell phones in their home where they have poor cellular reception. New, groundbreaking technology called WiFi Calling enables you to make calls on your cell phone – even when you have no cellular signal at all!  WiFi Calling is exclusive to Alpine Wireless customers and is no extra charge.  Customers need a compatible cellular device and WiFi in their home, outbuilding, barn, or office.

WiFi Calling has been especially helpful to Alpine employees who have had difficulty with getting cell phone service in their homes. 

Darrin Smith, Broadband Technician

Darrin Smith, broadband technician, lives in a valley a few miles north of Guttenberg.  “I had just enough cellular coverage to get a text message on my cell phone. I usually had to walk outside and up the hill to make a call,” described Darrin.

Darrin joined Alpine Communications last June and uses his Alpine Wireless cell phone to receive notifications when he is on-call.  The challenge for Darrin is that he was unable to get good cellular reception to receive important text messages, support calls, and escalated trouble tickets.

“None of the wireless carriers in our area have cellular reception where I live.  We were looking for solutions such as wireless boosters so my cell phone would work, but those can be costly and unreliable.  Then Alpine launched WiFi Calling and the problem was solved.  It’s pretty much just like making a regular call on my cell phone since I have great WiFi coverage in my home,” noted Darrin.

Lori Keppler, Customer Service Manager

Alpine’s customer service manager, Lori Keppler, experienced a similar challenge living in rural Saint Olaf in a valley.  “Cell service at my home is very poor. It was rare that I could complete a call on my cell phone before WiFi Calling. Now WiFi Calling allows me to receive and place calls on my Alpine Wireless phone. The other area cellular provider’s phones don’t get reception, but Alpine does!”

Both Darrin and Lori agree that while WiFi Calling enables them to use their cell phone in their homes, they still prefer their home phone to cell phones for voice calls.

Do you live in an area with little or no cellular reception? Do you have WiFi in your home? Are you tired of paying for cell phone service that won’t work at your home? If you answered yes to these questions, you should consider switching your cellular service to Alpine Wireless to get full bars and take full advantage of WiFi Calling.  While cell phones have an important place in our world, their benefits do not rival home phone service for quality and dependability.

Our goal is to help you connect the way you want to. Visit our office in Elkader, shop our plans and phones at www.alpinecom.net/wireless, or call 563-245-4000. We are the only full-service cellular provider in Clayton County, and we offer telephone service, too!

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