Alpine Communications Recognize Marvel-ous Employees

February 25, 2019

Who is your favorite superhero? Is it Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, or Captain America?  At Alpine Communications, our favorite superheroes are each other.

Once a month, we celebrate our everyday marvels who work to exceed the standards that we live by to ensure the communities we serve are connected and thriving. Rather than recognizing a superhero trait, such as Herculean strength, we name the Alpine standard each marvel represents. A Monthly Marvel does one or more of the following:

  • Their time is more important than ours.
  • Own the answer.
  • Invest in our future.
  • Connect the way you want to.
  • Be tenacious about getting it right.

Employees gather at 7:45 the second Tuesday for breakfast and celebrate Monthly Marvels. Team members are recognized for going above-and-beyond in their work by exceeding our standards. It is expected that we meet these standards with every customer interaction. It is during Monthly Marvels when we share stories of how the team rose to the level of greatness.

Alpine’s leadership team recognized these employees for exceeding our standards.


Pictured are Samantha Moser and Margaret Corlett

Pictured are Chad Ruegnitz and Austin Winch

Pictured are Brian Williams and Chad Ruegnitz

  • Brian Williams – Invest in Our Future
  • Austin Winch – Be Tenacious About Getting It Right
  • Samantha Moser – Their Time is More Important Than Ours


Pictured are Lara Duff, Samantha Moser, Lanette Schutte, and Brian Williams

  • Lara Duff – Be Tenacious About Getting It Right
  • Brian Williams, Lanette Schutte, Lara Duff, Samantha Moser – Their Time is More Important Than Ours
  • Kelly Blockhus – Connect the Way You Want To


Pictured is Lanette Schutte

  • Lanette Schutte – Invest In Our Future, Own the Answer, Their Time is More Important Than Ours


Pictured is Chad Ruegnitz and Tammy Sylvester

Pictured are Lori Keppler and Melissa Schilling

Pictured are Samantha Moser and Sara Hertrampf

Pictured are Margaret Corlett and Lara Duff

  • Lara Duff – Connect the Way You Want To
  • Melissa Schilling – Invest in Our Future
  • Tammy Sylvester – Own the Answer
  • Samantha Moser – Be Tenacious About Getting It Right


Pictured are Sara Hertrampf, Josh Funk, Lanette Schutte, Zachary Lyon, and Austin Winch

  • Lanette Schutte, Austin Winch, Josh Funk, Zachary Lyon, Melissa Schilling – Own the Answer


  • Kelly Blockhus – Be Tenacious about Getting It Right and Own the Answer
  • Darrin Smith – Be Tenacious about Getting It Right

Spiderman, Batman and Captain America have nothing on our Alpine marvels who continue to serve our community and put others first.

If you have an experience with Alpine that knocks your socks off, let us know! Connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.  We are here to help you live a more connected life and provide you with a customize service experience with honest answers to your questions.  We promise personal, timely, reliable service from people who live here.  When you choose us, we all thrive.

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