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6 Things You Don’t Have To Do With A Landline

August 14, 2021

Having a corded landline phone at home provides you with many benefits including consistently clearer voice quality than a cell phone. However, did you ever stop to consider all of the little annoying things you don’t have to do with your landline phone? Here are our favorites: You don’t have to think about signal strength. You don’t have to remember to charge the battery. You don’t have to run around the house looking for it when it rings. You don’t...

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WiFi Calling Eliminates Poor Cell Service In Your Home

February 25, 2019

Problem – you pay for cell phone service and it works in 90 percent of the places you go – except for your home. Why is that, you ask? You live in a hole. Not an actual hole, but a cellular hole. Who would complain about living in a valley or along the hillside of the scenic hills and dales, bluffs and valleys of northeast Iowa? There is peace, tranquility, and beauty in our rural lifestyle. However, the terrain is...

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