Why Community Involvement Matters to Us

August 17, 2018

If there is one thing I’d like you to understand about Alpine Communication, it’s this: being a part of the community is essential for us. It always has been throughout our history.

Communities are important. We believe connected communities become thriving communities. Without communities, we would miss the opportunity to connect with one another. We wouldn’t have the chance to share joy, happiness or celebrate each other’s successes. Without community, we would be very lonely human beings.

As a business leader in rural America, I especially understand the need for community. We have a way of connecting with one another that can be more meaningful than those living in bigger cities. Living in a smaller community means we can show up to a picnic or art show in town and know most of our neighbors. We are more likely to share similar lifestyles and common interests.

At Alpine, the health of the communities we serve is extremely important to us. For starters, we all live here and want to see our communities succeed. But it goes much deeper than that.

We want to be so engrained in our communities that we’re constantly making it better by the way we do business.

It starts by understanding the culture of the communities. Let’s say one of the neighborhoods we serve is keenly focused on tourism. Alpine wants to support that collective goal of getting more visitors to that area, so perhaps we would choose to underwrite a beautification effort. Another community may be more focused on becoming a gathering spot for neighboring communities. In this case, we would chose to sponsor a portion of their next big event.

We support fire departments, museums, art councils, summer events and anything else that’s important to the communities.

Each of our staff members, especially ones who meet with residents, keep their eyes and ears open for ways Alpine could better serve our communities. We also try to pay attention to each community’s influencers, like chamber of commerce leaders or other civic leaders.

As a corporate citizen, Alpine Communications also makes monetary and in-kind donations to local economic development groups, booster clubs, community events, and more.  To date, Alpine Communications has awarded over $100,000 to non-profit organizations through grants and students through scholarships. Alpine offers educational opportunities to our customers through free internet, social media, and personal fraud protection workshops.

We also practice what we preach. To be good community stewards, we ensure our Alpine Communication property always looks visually pleasing by keeping the area neat and adding beautification whenever we see an opportunity.  Alpine Communications has invested over $13 million dollars since 2006 when we began building the 100% fiber-optic Fusion Network.

Overall, our goal to always make our communities more livable. This can be a continuous work in progress. However, when we hear that people choose to stay instead of relocating elsewhere, we’re proud if we can say we played a small part in that.

Do you have an event or a community initiative that you would like Alpine Communication to be involved in? We try to support as many causes as we can. Email alpine@alpinecom.net.

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