Negotiating For You

June 10, 2019

We protect you, our customers, by working hard to bring you your favorite news, movies and sports at a price that’s fair. We know that anything less is unacceptable – it’s why we go to bat for you.

Channels you want: As your local TV company, we work every day to make sure you have access to the channels you want, when you want them.

Fair price: When networks demand higher fees, this can directly impact your monthly bill. We fight for lower rates for you.

Blackouts: When disputes occur, the big media companies often pull the plug on your favorite TV programs to force deals in their favor. For the local TV service provider and our customers, the impact can be significant. Our goal is to come to an agreement before this happens.

Keeping Channels On; Costs in Check

We’re on Your Side

We are a local business. We are our own customers, too. This means we invest in our networks in the community, and are committed to serving you – our families, friends, and neighbors.

Learn more about how powerful media companies and skyrocketing sports broadcasting are driving up your monthly bill:

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