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April 27, 2020

Lara Duff Alpine Communications Customer Service Representative

Lara Duff, Alpine Communications Customer Service Representative

When you meet Lara Duff, you will quickly learn that she has a zest for life, a witty sense of humor, and genuine care for helping others.  Lara is an Elkader, Iowa native and has worked as a customer service representative for Alpine since 2016.

When asked what ignites a passion for her work, Lara described, “I like to fix problems and think in different ways or logistically to find solutions.” Her favorite moments with customers are helping them set up their email accounts on smartphones and tablets. “I like interacting with customers in this way because I enjoy face-to-face connections and getting to know customers in person. Non-verbal communications help facilitate conversations,” shared Lara.

Lara takes pride in her work, and she recently accomplished helping customers get assistance through the Lifeline program.  “The Lifeline program changed this year, and I led the task to audit and certify qualifying customers so they could afford broadband and telephone services. It was rewarding because I could help people and take ownership of the project,” explained Duff.

When asked which Alpine brand standard resonated with her, she said, “be tenacious about getting it right. I’ve always loved the word tenacious and tenacity, and I believe it’s something we do well and something we can all strive to do better.”

In five years from now, Lara envisions herself becoming more familiar with our customers and improving her expertise in Alpine’s services. Lara continued, “this industry is fast-paced and exciting. I would like to have a better understanding of future developments in fiber-optic technology and what’s next. Maybe in five years, we will be using teleportation!”

Lara has an animated personality and enjoys connecting with clients and coworkers through sharing stories. “Everyone has a different story. I also like hearing the reactions to mine because they are pretty out-there,” said Lara.  Coincidentally, Lara is known around the office for her funny stories.

Her close friends and family describe Lara as playful, empathetic, funny, silly, and good at internalizing her emotions. Lara shared that most people don’t know that she is a very anxious person. “Most people think I’m really laid back, but my mind is always going.”

When asked what the quirkiest thing about her was, Lara laughed and said, “it’s a grab bag – reach in and pick one! I would say maybe quirkiest thing about me is my extensive knowledge of movies.” In that same vein, her favorite movies are Forrest Gump (which she can quote by rote), Zoolander, The Sponge Bob Movie, and Toy Story.

In the Loop

  • Three words that always describe Lara: Tired, Curious, and Thoughtful
  • Three words that never describe Lara: Militant, Closed-minded, and Tan
  • Unique Office Skill: Lara is an outstanding proofreader and grammarian
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