We Believe Communities Thrive When They Are Connected 

December 11, 2019

By Chris Hopp, General Manager/COO

I am sure many of you have seen our statement regarding Alpine Communications’ commitment to the communities we serve: “We believe connected communities become thriving communities,” but are curious about what that looks like each and every day. This statement can be best exemplified by comments and stories shared by your favorite Alpine Communications’ staff member. Each week Alpine employees share their most notable success story of the week. I’m confident it will come as no surprise to you that our employees take great pride in being able to assist you in connecting with technology and to others in the manner that works best for you. The following comments represent but a small sample of the care and commitment our employees take each day to connect our customers to the communities they belong to.

Brian Williams

I helped an elderly customer in Elkader with what was expected to be a simple remote control replacement.  Like my mom, she was hesitant to speak up and share the issues she has been having. After some troubleshooting, we determined the set-top box was bad and both remotes were really old and not working correctly anymore.  It was quite frustrating to try to use it!  By the time I resolved her issues and showed her how simple the new remotes are to use, she was all smiles and so happy.  I’m sure she will use her TVs more now.  I left the customer feeling pretty good about helping her.

Tammy Sylvester

I was successful in helping a customer set up their Alpinecom.net email and Gmail accounts on their smartphone and showing them where to access their email for each service.

Lanette Schutte

I helped a customer with unwanted emails. The customer didn’t know how to mark the unwanted messages as “spam,” and I was able to walk her through the process over the phone.

Darrin Smith

We installed a cabinet that will serve rural fiber-to-the-home project south of Guttenberg!

Tammy Sylvester

I was able to visit our customers’ homes in the McGregor West Zone and meet with them face-to-face to answer their questions. My visit made them feel more at ease with our new Fusion Network fiber-optic services that we offer.

Lanette Schutte

I scheduled our first fiber-to-the-home activation McGregor. The customer is adding WiFi Connect and possibly FusionTV. I also talked to him about TV Everywhere and set up SmartHub.

Sara Hertrampf

I enjoyed presenting a project to Central’s STEM BEST Project Palooza at Keystone AEA. It was rewarding connecting with students, educators, and other organizations at the event.  You can learn more about Central STEM BEST in this video: https://youtu.be/5MU3QwMZ_0I

Darrin Smith 

After completing Fusion Network activations last week, several of our customers permitted me to leave FusionTV signs in their yards. They wanted to let the neighborhood know they were connecting the way they want to because of fiber-optics!

As you can see, our employees take great pride in the work they provide every day to all of you. Our employees have shared many more customer success stories. We invite you to take a moment to ask when you see us for other connections we have made. In addition to these stories, there are countless examples of our employees helping one another that allows these connections to take place.  It requires the entire Alpine Communications team of employees to ensure all of you are connected and able to do the things you want to do with technology.

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