Keehner Believes Rural Broadband is Key for Quality of Life in Clayton County

September 25, 2020

Alpine Communications caught up with Sharon Keehner at the Connected Communities Summit last October. As a business teacher for 39 years, she has a lot of experience with technology. Sharon is also a Clayton County Supervisor.  

Sharon shared her perspective on how high-speed broadband in rural Iowa, “We have great internet here. I just went to robotics training last year and the gentleman came from the Silicon Valley in California. He said he had faster internet at his bed and breakfast in Elkader, Iowa than he had at his desk in the Silicon Valley. “

Sharon Keehner Educator & Elected Official Part 1
Sharon Keehner. Educator & Elected Official Part 2
Broadband is Key to Connecting Rural Iowans to Telework and Telehealth

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