Reimer’s Technology Investments Return Big Dividends

April 22, 2020

Andrew Reimer, owner of Reimer Financial Group in Guttenberg, Iowa, has successfully helped his clients proactively prepare for the future. When it was Andrew’s time to invest in his future as part of a renovation project to his historic building in Guttenberg, he turned to Alpine Communications for help.

Listen to Andrew Reimer’s story below.

Andrew Reimer, Owner of Reimer Financial Group: Future-Ready Technology

Andrew Reimer, Owner of Reimer Financial Group

The Guttenberg Press interviewed Andrew and his wife, Mindy, about their response to working from home during the COVID-19 Crisis.  Mindy works as a librarian for Keystone Area Education Agency in Elkader, Iowa. She shared, “Our Keystone AEA information technology staff and tech integrationists are working diligently to offer insights around best practices for use to keep us safe and up to date with effective communication efforts. I am grateful for reliable internet services at home to be able to engage in these connections.”

Andrew can connect with his employees and clients from his home in Garnavillo, Iowa, because of the 100% fiber-optic Fusion Network Alpine Communications installed in 2013.

He explained, “the biggest reason we are both able to work through this is because of technology. We live in Garnavillo and a few years back Alpine Communications put the fastest Internet in the world here.” He added, “The other reason we are able to operate from home now is because we started the paperless process in our office in Guttenberg when we moved locations in February 2017. Four years ago any documentation I needed I’d have to go grab a physical file to find what I needed. Now I just go to our digital storage and obtain the information I need.”

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Learn more about Andrew’s restoration project in Guttenberg here:

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